Funny and FAmily Stories


Quarantined with a Bionic, Ornery, Old Man 

I have to thank God for my wife.  She truly is a saint.  People just don't know how much because she doesn't wear a halo or play a harp.  She doesn't have wings and she can be so single-minded when it comes to doing what she believes is good or wanting others to do good, that it can be annoying.  So she goes through life with grace, more than tolerating us, coming up with ideas and opinions about lots of things, whether or not she fully understands, but still wanting to do good.  That is her intention.

I take naps nearly every day.  Being a heart patient with an LVAD and having spent so much time being sick in the past year, my endurance is still not what it might be and may never be.  So I take naps when I am exhausted.  Sometimes Judy naps on the couch.  Sometimes she joins me in bed.

One day, just as I was nearing my wake up time, I dreamed a spider was building a web in bed beside me.  I slapped that dream spider and caught Judy's arm.  We both woke up.  I quickly explained that I was dreaming about the spider.  She asked, "Did you get it."  I said I did, but I was just glad it was her arm and not her face I slapped.  We both woke up in good humor.  That just shows something of the grace of the wife I am so blessed is mine.

Kids Learn about Truth and Lies and Right and Wrong from Us:  What lessons do we teach them?

Teaching children to lie is so easy.  If they have done something they should not have done and we know it or highly suspect it, we tend to ask them, "Did you do that?"  We have given them an option and they will choose the one they think will least get them in trouble.  Most will lie.  The better question, even if they are not guilty is, "Why did you do that?"  This give them the opportunity to tell the truth and if they are innocent, they can help us clear it up.

We were eating lunch in the fellowship hall after church one Sunday years ago.  Our grandson went outside and we were visiting with church members, still getting to know people.  We heard a rock hit the window and I saw the figure of our grandson walking away from the building.  I figured he would walk to the parsonage which was just north of the church, so I went out the north door to head him off.  I was wrong.  He was headed south.  I called out his name and said, "Come here."  He locked his arms down to his sides and walked stiffly up the sidewalk to me.  I asked (following my advice which was fairly recently learned), "Why did you throw a rock at the window?"  He said, "I was juggling."  No lie.  Just the simple truth and I loved him for that.  If he had broken the window and if someone had been cut with the glass, I would have lectured, as if that works.  But I simply told him, "Don't juggle with rocks too close to the window," to which he replied, "Ok."