Family Tree under construction

I apologize in advance for any errors you may find here.  I do hope this site will be of benefit to you.  I do not want to compromise any personal information you wish to keep private, but I am hoping to put together an accurate family tree.  I will limit what I publish on this site, but will make available what I have to confirmed family members.

If you find errors or are missing information, email to with "FAMILY" in the heading.

My grandparents were Sniders (Schneider), Brady (O'Grady), Strother (Struther), and Francis.

My wife's parents were Francis and Turley.  I offer a copy of a family group sheet for you to complete and send to me, if you will.  I will send a copy of what I have with your updated information.   Email me at or message me on Facebook.  I do not open attachments on message, so be sure to send me an original message without any external links.

Free downloadable family group sheets and other charts can be found here: